35 at 35 

Ticking them off one by one, you can see the original post here.

1. Learn a language, been promising my Frenchie Friend for years 

2. Go on an Eastern European Adventure, travel like I never got round to as a student Budapest Post, Vienna & Bratislava Post

3. Have children, lots and lots of them. First Post

4. Learn to play guitar properly, I had lessons in school and can remember the odd hymn 

5. Put a lock on the Love Lock Bridge in Paris, eternal romantic me 

6. Leave a note in a Library book  here

7. Learn to scuba dive 

8. Kiss in the rain, a la Holly Golightly 

9. Attend a fashion week, even if I’m at the back half out the door 

10. Buy and decorate my perfect house, period features and creaky floorboards kinda perfect 

11. Run a Marathon, just to say I did it Full Post

12. Take an advanced driving course, pretend like I’m in action movie 

13. Pay off my debt, the ultimate dream, seven years of study adds up 

14. Visit Africa, so many options keeping this one open 

15. Learn HTML, a big challenge I’m useless with computers 

16. Cook an entire meal from scratch, perhaps an even bigger challenge 

17. Go horse riding, ideally along a beach like in a Rom Com 

18. Own a pair of Louboutins, need I say more? 

19. Learn to ride a motorcycle, because I’ll forever be a rebel at heart 

20. Sort my photographs into albums and frames, I take so many it’s a shame they’re not on show 

21. Go on a girly holiday, having loads of male friends I missed this entirely in my twentiesFull Post

22. Volunteer, for a day, a week, a month whatever, just need to get round to it one day 

23. Sew a beautiful dress, to have one thing entirely unique to me 

24. Jump out of a plane or bungee jump, might take a while to work up the courage 

25. Learn to use my camera properly 

26. Complete a dance class, one of those MTV street dance – you’re never too old 

27. Teach Seb one trick, just one my boy, please 

28. Party in Vegas, enough said 

29. Develop a proper beauty regime, my skins getting too old for my half assed attempts 

30. Explore Scotland, its embarrassing how little of it I’ve seen.  There’s been a few adventures now; Elie Post, Ayr Post, North Berwick, Cairngorms Post, Bridge of Orchy, St Andrew’s, Lochgilphead 

31. See the Northern Lights, preferably in an glass igloo in Scandinavia 

32. Get that tattoo I’ve been planing for years  Full Post

33. Attend an open air opera in Italy, the only way to see opera  Full Post34. Go to a drive in movie, there’s a great one at Halloween in Glasgow I’ve never made it to. Full Post

35. Be comfortable with my body, perhaps am impossibility but I’d like to try.

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