My Story

Since work can get a bit boring and stressful I decided to get back to what I enjoy with this little blog. I’ve always loved music and childhood was when I was my most creative and imaginative; making up the song lyrics I didn’t know or making clothes for my toy animals. 

It seemed fitting to combine the two for my blog title. Living in a Box was  a particular childhood favourite with the emphasis firmly placed on the x’s when singing along. Add in my furry sidekick Seb and Living in a Boxx was born.

Hope you enjoy.



Items marked with a * have been gifted to me, my views on the items are always genuine and honest.

4 thoughts on “My Story

  1. I meeted your blog five minutes ago and i’m already in love. You publicated a comment in my blog, and how I’m brazilian, I thought”Oh My God, someone for another contry publicated a comment in my blog.” and I came immediatly see your blog. What I could say? I really loved it. Your blogs is fantastic for read in a rest day, and has amazing subjects. I really love read blogs from abroad, meet new things, new cultures.
    Your blog is really lovely.

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