Four Months

Just like that life is changed forever. Despite being four months in it’s only now that it’s becoming real.
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What a Difference a Year


I was never really happy with these photos in the original post, and not just because of the poor quality iPhone photography. Around this time last year I was really spurred into sorting out my fitness, I’d put on a bunch a weight and wasn’t happy. So much so that I bought this skirt in a size smaller as I was so determined to get myself in shape. 
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I Like Sushi Cause It’s Never Touched a Frying Pan

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ll know sushi is one of my favourites. As someone that suffers serious food envy anywhere were you can order multiple dishes is a winner for me. When CitizenMag asked me to check out a local restaurant for them Central Sushi was an easy choice.  This little place is hidden away on Renfield St and what a … Continue reading I Like Sushi Cause It’s Never Touched a Frying Pan