Beautiful Boy

I’ve been AWOL for over a month now. Given my last post most of you probably realised that was due to the early arrival of my little one. Seems I was indeed Ready to Pop.
I know people say it all the time, but it is hard to comprehend how much time a little person can take up. Between feeding and changing nappies or just simply marvelling at this beautiful little boy you’ve managed to make; a day can be gone before you know it. I can’t see much time for nail art anytime soon so these might be the last for a while.

I painted these just two days before my little man arrived. Anything to encourage the wee guy to appear and it seemed to work. So well in fact that I never got a chance to photograph them properly, just a quick snap on my phone. They did last long enough to get the above photo when my wee guy was about a week old, one of many photos I love.

Now I must get back to watching my beautiful boy sleep, you know the really important and pressing things in life.


Beautiful Boy – John Lennon

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