I’ve Been Here for too Long – Update

Around this time last year whilst feeling a little bit down at getting so old I set myself a 35 at 35 to do list. To manage this I need to complete 5 a year, I didn’t quite hit 5 in 2015 but made a good start. 

Is ticked 3 off my list:

21. A an awesome three day hen in Marbella. Drinks and good times galore.


32. The tattoo I’ve been planning for years. This one was the first to be ticked off so it’s nearly a year old now. No regrets, it’s maybe my favourite tattoo.


33. Attend open air opera in Italy. This was the highlight of our little Italian Adventure in the summer. I’m officially an opera fan now.


A few that are work in progress:

23. I’m working up to the dress and practicing with smaller items. I have to say I’m pretty chuffed with this skirt I made for my brothers wedding.


35. Be comfortable with my body, another one that might take the whole 5 years. At the end of 2015 I got myself a personal trainer, Andy who is awesome, to help with this one.

1. Learning French. I’ve been working in this one the las few months with the app Duolingo. It tells me I’m now 3% fluent so this might take a while.

30. Lastly, Explore Scotland, this one will be spread over the whole 5 years I suspect. In 2015 there were some day trips to beautiful beaches, Elie and Heads of Ayr, and the year was finished off in Bridge of Orchy.




Everything is Changing – Sigma ft Paloma Faith



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