Keep On Running

By the time you’re reading this I’ll be on my way to, hopefully, completing my first marathon and ticking off No. of the 35 at 35 list. 

It’s been an eventful training programme. Starting with a bad fall on my first run and hardly being able to walk for two weeks; it’s an wonder I kept going. I have gained a lot of confidence in my running. I don’t care what anyone thinks I look like anymore and don’t need blaring music to keep me going. For the first time I ran on holiday. Running around Budapest and in particular the track at Margaret Island was an experience and something I’d never have done if I hadn’t signed up for this marathon. 

As the miles piled up the trials and tribulations changed. No longer just sore muscles but sore toenails, turns out they were turning black under the shellac, and some of the worse sunburn I’ve ever had. All worth it though to get to the start line today. 

I should be auto posting updates on Twitter so you can follow me along and if you like to make a last minute donation it’d be much appreciated.

* Update: I did it! And under my 4.5hr target in 4hrs 20mins! Might even sign up for another next year. *



Keep On Running – Spencer Davis Group 

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