Take a Walk on the Beach


Last Sunday we knocked it out the park with our little beach day trip. The beach at Elie is even more gorgeous than we had hoped and the sun came out, who’d have expected that with the summer we’ve had. 

Nothing beats a day at the beach to clear out the cobwebs and brighten your mood. Throw in the happiest dog, some good friends and yummy picnic, not just any picnic but an M&S picnic, and you’ve got yourself a day that if you could bottle and sell you’d be a millionaire. 

This also served as a kickstart to no. 30 on my 35 at 35, exploring Scotland. Elie is a beautiful little town on the east coast. We spent our day on the beach with a rather excited Seb but we passed a number of adorable little seaside village shops and cafes. Perhaps when we don’t have Mr Waggy Tail with us we get to venture inside. It’s only 1hr 40mins from Glasgow so I expect we’ll be back. 








Shirt – M&S

Jeans – Gap (DIY distressed)

Sandals – Primark

Necklace – Accessorize

Bangles – Accessorize

Sunglasses – H&M


Miami – Will Smith

13 thoughts on “Take a Walk on the Beach

    1. I’m so glad I picked it up, I was in two minds as I’m supposed to be saving for holiday. It’s sold out now though so glad I did 🙂

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