At the Drive In


I’ve wanted to go to a Drive In ever since I watched Grease as a kid. The sexual innuendos went completely over my innocent head, I just thought they all looked really cool strutting around with cool cars. Drive In’s are not a regular occurrence in Scotland though so it’s become one of those wish list things to do and hence made it onto my 35 at 35 list.

Can you think of a better Drive In experience than Jaws down at the beach on 4th of July weekend? No, I thought not. Standard Scottish summer meant clouds and serious wind, the rain stayed off though so can’t complain. We got there early to get prime spot and to have some fun at the fair before the movie. 

Saturday night at the movies with a twist. 







Jumper – ASOS

Capri Pants – Forever 21

Sandals – Primark


Drive In – The Beach Boys 

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