I Need a Little Time

It’s been quiet in this little corner of the internet for a while and it’s gonna be quiet for a little longer.

Since being back at work I simply haven’t had the time to keep up with full posts. Surprise! Being a working mum is busy, in fact it’s non stop. So when I find myself with a spare hour these days mostly I’d rather indulge in some trashy tv, read another chapter of the book I’ve been trying to finish all year or maybe even paint my nails. Writing blog posts and editing photos is far from my mind.

So instead my Instagram captions have been getting longer and they’re are now like mini blog posts in themselves. So much so that I’m carrying on my 35 at 35 over there. I may make it back to full posts once the baba is less of a baba and maybe even sleeping through the night. Until then you can find me here.

I Need a Little Time – The Beautiful South

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