Summertime Sadness

This summer in Glasgow has been another disappointment. Very limited sunshine and when she did show face it was normally on a workday while I was stuck indoors. So I’m now desperately seeking some sunshine, will need to try and squeeze in a little babymoon sometime soon. Any tips on where in the world will still be warm in October/November?
As a result of the crappy weather I don’t think I’ve bought any new summer clothes this year. On a rare day when it’s not cold and rainy I’m digging around in my wardrobe to find something that still fits. ASOS floaty maxi to the rescue. This one can hang a little funny due the big pockets on the bottom but a little tee shirt holds it in place; as well as providing an extra layer given it’s not really that warm!





 Dress – ASOS

Tee – Ralph Lauren

Sandals – Primark

Bag – Next

(All Old)

Summertime Saddness – Lana Del Rey

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