Oh Vienna (and Bratislava)


Oh Vienna indeed, I didn’t realise the song was referring to the sound you make as you wander around this beautiful city.

Vienna is quite simply stunning. Similar to Rome around every corner is another beautiful fountain or building. It’s a different kind of beautiful though and the clean crisp whiteness of everything really takes your breath away. We were in Vienna for around 8hrs before boarding the sleeper train to Krakow. We spent the time simply wandering around gawking at its prettiness. It’s the one stop on our trip I wish we’d had a bit more time in.




Before Vienna we spent the night in Bratislava. Bratislava centers around a pretty old town, and as with a lot of the cities we visited, it’s filled with detailed buildings in pretty pastel colours. This would have made for a delightful backdrop to some exploring on a warm spring evening, unfortunately when we arrived I’m pretty sure it was colder than Scotland. Our evening of exploring the city was transformed into tasting food and wine in the warm interiors of bars and restaurants.


On Saturday morning the sun came out and we managed to squeeze in a little trip to the stunning Blue Church, Church of St Elizabeth.  It’s like a something from a fairytale and quite special to behold against a matching blue sky. I also managed to spot three for the four metal personality sculptures dotted around the town, the elusive paparazzi evaded me though. 

These two cities are only an hour apart so if your visiting either I’d recommend a little day trip. I think you could see most of Bratislava in a day, fingers crossed you get some better weather than me.  







 Jacket – Next

Skirt – ASOS

Jumper – Zara

Trainers – Next

Striped crop (just seen) – ASOS

Sunglasses – Chanel

Bag – Next 

Vienna – Ultravox

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