I Want to Getaway




No 30 of the 35 at 35 list continued last weekend with a little trip to the Highlands. A long weekend in a log cabin hidden the woods was the perfect setting to relax. Add in the The Man found one with 4G signal and that rain mostly stayed off it was bliss.

Our cabin was nestled in the North East corner of the Cairngorms National Park, great location to explore Braemar, Ballater and Loch Kinord. We also happened upon the Lonach Highland Gathering, my first highland games. Much fun was had watching the burly Highlanders throw heavy things across the field in their kilts. Closely followed by some impressive Highland dancing from the ladies. It may take the feminist movement back a hundred years but hey its tradition and all in fun.

Braemar and Ballater are delightful little highland towns. The picturesque villages surrounded by rolling Scottish hills is quite a sight, my camera skills in no way captured it accurately. The highlight by far though was stumbling across the perfectly still Loch Kinord. Even my photo taking skills, or lack of them, couldn’t help but capture the the beauty of the hills and blue sky perfectly mirrored across the loch.

Breath-taking has never been a more worthy adjective.










Fly Away – Lenny Kravitz

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