DIY Delicate Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

How cute are these, even if I do say so myself? I’ve seen simlar little bracelets  a few places. You know me though, why spend money on something I can make myself. What you need: Leather Cord – eBay  Rounded Metal Beads – eBay Curved Tube Beads – eBay  Scissors  This tutorial hardly seems worthwhile, if my five year old neice can make these so … Continue reading DIY Delicate Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

Your Finest Inspiration: Full Skirt – Tutorial

For those of you that follow me on Instagram and facebook I promised this tutorial last week, my apologises I got caught up with holiday plans. A few weeks ago I shared my love of full skirts, I’ve not been able to find the perfect one for me though.  I wanted green, satin and a big bow, so figured I’d try and whip one up … Continue reading Your Finest Inspiration: Full Skirt – Tutorial

For Your Finest Inspiration 

The full midi skirt made a serious comeback last year, I somehow haven’t yet managed to pick one up though. In recent months I’ve become a bit obsessed with them. I kinda want one in every colour but typically every one I fall in love with is massively out of budget.  All of these dreamy skirts I came across on Pinterest. While I was exploring … Continue reading For Your Finest Inspiration 

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

Not Papa but me! I was inspired by Thankfifi’s wonderful sheep clutch and figured I could make a similar one with some fur I still have from my Care Bear costume. I’m not normally a pastel pink kinda girl but pastels are everywhere just now and furry handbags where dotted all over the catwalks recently. It’s a fairly simple design, which I can’t take credit … Continue reading Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag