Aida – Open Air Opera


Our main reason for visiting Verona was to attend the open air opera festival which is held each summer. Verona has a wonderfully intact Roman amphitheater, perfect venue for opera on the balmy summer nights. I’ve wanted to experience this for years and it’s one of my 35 at 35. 

They have four different operas each festival. On the night we attended, Aida was showing. I cannot express how amazing this experience was. I didn’t understand a word of the opera but was enthralled by the emotion of the vocals. We were in the cheap seats at the top of the amphitheater but could still hear every word perfectly. 

This was perhaps the highlight of our Italian tour, for me anyway I think the man got a bit bored halfway through. If you go my tip is; don’t bother with the sky high prices of the closer, and proper cushioned, seats, the view from the top is sublime. Just make sure you rent a cushion, more than worth the €3 to save your behind from the hard marble steps. 

I apologise for the grainy Iphone photos but wine, steep marble steps and DSLR camera didn’t seem like a good combination. 





Dress – Gifted from a friend

Necklace – EBay

Cuff – Zara

Clutch – Primark

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