Life is What Happens

The last week has been a strange one. Starting with a funeral of someone close and ending with our 20week baby scan. That’s a mix of emotions right there.

It does keep in mind that life goes on. For every difficulty there’s something wonderful just waiting to happen. And what’s more wonderful than a little bundle of joy. Still a while before we get to meet the little one but how lovely to see the little guy wriggling around.

I’ve had the week off work and have spent the time in between everything doing not very much. Long walks with Seb have been about it. It’s amazing how refreshing a brisk walk-in the cold autumn air can be, because we’re most definitely in autumn now. These photos are a few weeks old as I wasn’t feeling much up to blogging. The sun, I think, is a thing of the past and that little bump is getting bigger by the day.

Cape – Damart*

Dress – Isabella Oliver (via EBay)

Boots – Just Fab

Sunglasses – Chanel

Necklace – Etsy

Phone Case – EBay

Beautiful Boy – John Lennon

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