Six Months

If I thought everything was getting more real at 4 Months there’s no getting away from it now. Although at the same time it all does still seem a little surreal.
Is it completely crazy to confess there’s times when I almost forget this is all happening and in three short months we’ll have a real live, hopefully little, baby to care for? Its strange that I can when my tummy gets bigger by the day as there’s an actual little person in there now. When every hour or so there’s a little flutter like my tummy turning over and when I lie down to relax the flutters become kicks and I can’t help but smile and stop whatever I’m reading/watching/saying to feel them. When heartburn is becoming something I suffer from and there’s pains in places that have never hurt before as everything moves and shifts to make space for that little person. When I’m now regularly offered a seat, have doors held open and asked how I am.

But then amongst all those amazing things life goes on and we’ve not exactly been taking it easy. There’s been a promotion, a bereavement and some small home renovations to tackle. Life wouldn’t be life if it was simple right?

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