This post was supposed to be up on Friday, but a combination of tiredness and sheer confusion conspired against me. Let’s just say the exit polls gave me hope, and I had tried not to get hopeful, so I stayed up till 4am watching the results come in. 

What happened? I’m still confused. You may have seen my Instagram post on Friday and now we’re on Sunday and things are no clearer. What initially seemed like a win is turning into more of a nightmare. Not only are the Tories still in power but a coalition with the DUP? Please tell me no. Seriously if you’re not aware look up their policies, anti same sex marriage and anti abortion are a few. I can’t see how they intend to keep both the more liberal Scottish Tories and DUP happy at the same time. Then add in the hard brexiteers and the DUP who’ll likely want the softest of soft brexit with no hard border with the Republic of Ireland. And don’t even get me started on the 12 Scottish conservative seats. Our country is a shambles and I don’t think anyone believes Mrs May is the one to steer us out if it. 

So needless to say on Friday I was in no mood to write of sunny days and pretty outfits. Clearly I’m still not and instead you’ve got a political rant. I’m off to sulk and see what Monday brings us. 







Shirt – ASOS

Skirt – Oasis

Bag – Next

Sunglasses – Chanel

Watch – Ebay 


Confusion – The Zutons


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