Life Gets Busy


Busy indeed, hence the lack of posts the last couple of weeks. I’ve been busy with work and all sorts of fun things and not had a chance to get posts prepared. For the first time I think I have a bundle of outfit photos just waiting to be edited and posts typed.
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I Like Sushi Cause It’s Never Touched a Frying Pan

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ll know sushi is one of my favourites. As someone that suffers serious food envy anywhere were you can order multiple dishes is a winner for me. When CitizenMag asked me to check out a local restaurant for them Central Sushi was an easy choice.  This little place is hidden away on Renfield St and what a … Continue reading I Like Sushi Cause It’s Never Touched a Frying Pan

At the Drive In


I’ve wanted to go to a Drive In ever since I watched Grease as a kid. The sexual innuendos went completely over my innocent head, I just thought they all looked really cool strutting around with cool cars. Drive In’s are not a regular occurrence in Scotland though so it’s become one of those wish list things to do and hence made it onto my 35 at 35 list.
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For Auld Lang Syne


After my awesome party last year we decided on a little getaway for my birthday/new year this year. After much online searching I found the Bridge of Orchy Hotel. A lovely little 4 star hotel, close enough to the central belt we didn’t have to travel for hours but far enough away to take us to the middle of nowhere. They are also extremely dog friendly so little Seb was welcome.  Continue reading “For Auld Lang Syne”

From Now On, Our Troubles Will be Miles Away


There’s not been many posts recently. Life has been getting in the way yet again. My wonderful sister/photographer has not been very well so outfit photos were a none starter. Hopefully get some shots this weekend though. Yesterday saw the end of my last big stress at work for the year and only four days of work left. So more no worries, just time to enjoy ourselves and be merry.  Continue reading “From Now On, Our Troubles Will be Miles Away”

A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas

Have you noticed the cute little dog-equins in River Island’s shop windows the last few weeks? This Christmas they’ve teamed up with The Dog’s Trust to raise some cash for the wonderful charity. Tomorrow all the dog-equins go on sale in stores around the UK. I like a cute little Labrador named Riley, but I think Seb might get jealous. Seb’s not been left out … Continue reading A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas