Four Months

Just like that life is changed forever. Despite being four months in it’s only now that it’s becoming real.
For the first few months no one knows. Luckily for me I was not sick once, I did feel nauseous but the best cure for this was to keep eating, I’m going to out on weight anyway right? One thing I had never heard about was the tiredness. Weekends consisted of late morning, afternoon and evening naps. During the week, I’d be lucky if my eyes were still open at 9pm. Other than that nothing much seemed to be happening. It’s easy to forget anything is happening at all.

Then there’s all the excitement of the 12 week scan. I didn’t realise till I lay down in that little dark room that I was actually terrified not just excited. What a relief to see that tiny happy person bouncing about on the screen. Telling everyone was just as exciting, particularly when everyone was so surprised. I won’t tell you how long or how many treats it took to get that announcement picture with Seb.

But after all that it’s back to normal life. I didn’t even feel that tired anymore. Work as usual, running at weekends. Then, slowly my waistline disappeared and tummy became, even more, round than before. And now maybe I look a little bit less like I’ve had too much pasta, I have by the way, and more like there’s maybe a little person growing in there. No ones offered me their seat yet though.

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