Woke Up an Optimist, Sun shining I’m Positive


Funny how a little bit of sun can really effect your mood, gotta agree with Kanye on that one. Now we’re into March I find my mood has really brightened as I look towards spring. I know I look a little grumpy in these shots but I promise I’m just squinting with the sun, note to self remember shades. I’ve got my 35 at 35 list off to a good start with my new tattoo and I’m working on a few more. 

Throughout February had a little challenge with a friend as to how many miles we could run, I managed a not too meager 45.6. Gives me a little more confidence in managing that marathon at some point. You may have noticed on Instagram that I’ve been trying out some recipes so maybe I’ll be able to cross No 9 off that list soon too. 

I may have missed out on Fashion Week this season but there’s always September right? On the plus side I did get a few goodies from J D Williams as I mentioned on Friday and this sweater is another of them. There’s always a silver lining right, or in this case a subtle gold one. 





Sweater – J D Williams*

Jeans – Primark

Shirt – Primark

Boots – Privilege 

Clutch – DIY



FourFive Seconds – Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney

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