The Boardwalk 

  Catching a few shots before the sun goes down. Even this industrial part of the River Clyde looks beautiful at this time of the day.  This hour before the sun goes down, the golden hour, is supposed to be the best time to take photos. Honestly, I struggled with the light. Really need to find a photography course to help me get to grips … Continue reading The Boardwalk¬†

Woke Up an Optimist, Sun shining I’m Positive

Funny how a little bit of sun can really effect your mood, gotta agree with Kanye on that one. Now we’re into March I find my mood has really brightened as I look towards spring. I know I look a little grumpy in these shots but I promise I’m just squinting with the sun, note to self remember shades. I’ve got my 35 at 35 … Continue reading Woke Up an Optimist, Sun shining I’m Positive