Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

Not Papa but me! I was inspired by Thankfifi’s wonderful sheep clutch and figured I could make a similar one with some fur I still have from my Care Bear costume. I’m not normally a pastel pink kinda girl but pastels are everywhere just now and furry handbags where dotted all over the catwalks recently.

It’s a fairly simple design, which I can’t take credit for, thank you Thankfifi. Simply turn all the furry sides in, sew all the pieces together and viola. You can double over the flap so it’s furry on both sides, I think I’ll line mine with some white felt though.

I had originally secured mine with a gold chain, Roz thought it needed some toughening up so I tried out a leather strap and belt. Think I stick with the leather strap. What do you think?





Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag – James Brown

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