Sun Sun Sun, Here it Comes

So summer is finally here. As the song says it has been a long, if not lonely, winter and the sun has been long awaited. I’m worried I’m tempting fate even uttering these words but we’re now headed into our third straight week of sun so I might be ok.

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I got that Sunshine in my Pocket


Thank God summer has arrived. I’ve been on a bit of a spending ban recently and was getting so fed up with my warmer clothes. I seem to hang on to more summer clothing, God knows why given the average temperature in Glasgow, so I should have plenty to choose from for the next couple weeks.
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Woke Up an Optimist, Sun shining I’m Positive

Funny how a little bit of sun can really effect your mood, gotta agree with Kanye on that one. Now we’re into March I find my mood has really brightened as I look towards spring. I know I look a little grumpy in these shots but I promise I’m just squinting with the sun, note to self remember shades. I’ve got my 35 at 35 … Continue reading Woke Up an Optimist, Sun shining I’m Positive