Like Velvet to My Skin

Denim-navy-nail-effect-tutorial                       Remember I said the Poundshop was the place for nail art accessories? Well I found another little treat the other day when I was in. Little pots of ‘velvet’ dust. 

The idea is you sprinkle them on while your nails are wet and they create a soft velvet effect. I went for a blue polish although the dust is fairly thick and you could get away with a clear one. This colour also gives them a more denim look than velvet. I think the blue will help diguise any bald patches though, of which I suspect there will be fairly soon. 

I painted these last night and really liked the effect. However, after making dinner, walking Seb and watching TV in my pj’s (wild life) they were already a little fuzzy from fabrics they came into contact with. I think they will start to look grubby fairly quickly but I’ll keep you posted. 



<p style=”text-align:center;”>Evergreen – Will Young</p>

4 thoughts on “Like Velvet to My Skin

  1. I have tried this in expensive kits and they do kinda stick to fluff hahah but considering you got another poundland bargain thats amazing and they look great- let me know if you get it off ok 😉 it’s tough xx

    1. It lasted about 3days looking really good. I only took it off today but should prob have done it yesterday. Came off ok, but I use shellac so I soaked it off

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