I Want to Getaway




No 30 of the 35 at 35 list continued last weekend with a little trip to the Highlands. A long weekend in a log cabin hidden the woods was the perfect setting to relax. Add in the The Man found one with 4G signal and that rain mostly stayed off it was bliss.
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This is What You Came For


Monday was a sneaky local holiday here in Glasgow. With the sky looking a tad grey though we searched out the sun all the way to the east coast. North Berwick was a new beach for me and Seb and it didn’t disappoint. Sun is what we came for and sun we got, I even got a little sunburned. 
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At the Drive In


I’ve wanted to go to a Drive In ever since I watched Grease as a kid. The sexual innuendos went completely over my innocent head, I just thought they all looked really cool strutting around with cool cars. Drive In’s are not a regular occurrence in Scotland though so it’s become one of those wish list things to do and hence made it onto my 35 at 35 list.
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For Auld Lang Syne


After my awesome party last year we decided on a little getaway for my birthday/new year this year. After much online searching I found the Bridge of Orchy Hotel. A lovely little 4 star hotel, close enough to the central belt we didn’t have to travel for hours but far enough away to take us to the middle of nowhere. They are also extremely dog friendly so little Seb was welcome.  Continue reading “For Auld Lang Syne”