The Body Shop at Home Glasgow Event 


A few weeks ago I was invited to a Body Shop at Home event in the Butterfly and Pig in Glasgow. This gave me a chance to not just stuff my face with wonderful cakes and sandwiches but also to sort out no29 on my 35 at 35 list, sort out a proper skincare regime. 

The Butterfly and Pig on Bath St was the perfect venue, it has a very vintage homely feel. It also has one of the best afternoon teas in Glasgow, check out all those sandwiches! I was surprised to learn The Body Shop reaches the grand old age of 40 this year and that they’ve been hosting at home events since the ’90’s. Clearly I’ve been living under a rock when it comes to beauty. 

For someone that a nightly skincare regime involves sometimes removing make up and maybe a drop of moisturiser, I learned a lot. I finally know that toner is important as it removes any excess cleanser and prepares your skin for moisturiser or oils. I also got the most amazing goodie bag! 

I’ve been using the Vitamin E makeup remover, toner and under eye cream since the event. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin, particularly those under eye bags! I never get a decent sleep. It’s softer and brighter and generally better looking, beauty technical term I’m sure. I’ve also been trying out the Drops of Youth concentrate serum and bouncy sleepy mask every night. As I’m now 31 I thought I should start some anti ageing products. These smell amazing, so fresh and I love the sleek green packaging. I don’t think I’ve been using it long enough to see any results, serums are suppose to take around 3/4weeks as they target the lower layers of skin. We’ll see how it goes, at least I’ve got myself into a decent routine.




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