Double Denim




Apologies for my abscence this week, I’m not entirely sure were the week went. Funny how a couple of busy days makes you loose track of everything. This whole year in fact is rapidly disappearing, seriously how did we get to the end of July. 

I’ve completed only 2 of my 35 at 35 list. I really should be completing 7 a year to keep on track, so I need to get a wriggle on. I’m working on No. 35 just now. Rather than complete another short term challenge I’m trying a few changes I can incorporate into my daily routine. A few squats, the plank and eating clean.   Time will tell if it works. 

After three weeks I can notice a small difference, particularly when trying on the entire store in the Zara sale. I didn’t buy everything but couldn’t resist this denim vest. Teamed with coloured jeans, this how to do double denim. 







Top – Zara

Jeans – Primark

Cardigan -Primark

Flats – Free Fish

Cross Body Bag – Primark 

7 thoughts on “Double Denim

  1. you look great! I love the top and lucky that you can fit into Primark jeans, I find them super akward (size wise). you look lovely and glad to see you are back. Hope this week is “calmer” :p

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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