A Little Party Never Killed Nobody


Indeed it did not, we had an absolute ball. What better way to say goodbye to your roaring twenties than to party like Jay Gatsby. Having never had a party before (and most likely never have one again) I thought I might as well go all out.

After a little browse on Pinterest I had plenty of inspiration. I spent the few days before my birthday glittering bottles, making photo booth props and frantically fighting with word trying to get the quotes aligned (not my forte).

I may have went a little overboard with the balloon canopy dropping at midnight and the champagne fountain, but it was all worth it. I managed to pick the most stunning venue in Hummingbird’s Penthouse and the most amazing DJ. I can’t recall of it was the bar staff or the DJ that encouraged me to dance in the bar – like I needed any!

I got a couple photos of the decorations in the afternoon with my new DSLR but I didn’t think it was a good idea to take it to the party – good call given how drunk I ended up! The rest of the photos are all stolen from my friends camera phones, I wasn’t the only person at the party I promise just didn’t want to put everyone on here. There’s loads more photos on Instagram with my own little #laurensroaringtwenties!













Dress – Forever Unique
Shoes – Primark
Headband – Accessorize
Clutch – Collette (Australia)

A Little Party Never Killed Anybody – Fergie

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