One Day Like This


One of my 35 at 35 goals was to explore Scotland more. I had long drives north and ferry rides in mind. Turns out there’s lots of adventures to be found close by. We found Carron Valley Reservoir on google maps just 20mins away, so popped Seb in the boot and took a little drive one day last week.

Despite the wind and overcast sky the backdrop remained spectacular. Scotland never fails to surprise me with her beauty. There’s lots of wooden sculptures for kids to play on along the walk; which Seb, and by Seb I mean me, had fun trying out. 

I even convinced the man to take some photos. It was a simple but good day.  








Jeans – Gap

Vest – Primark

Cardigan – Primark

Cross body Bag – Next 

One Day Like This – Elbow

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