Modern Jesus

My new favourite summer track. It’s cool, clever and reeks of summer. Portugal. The Man are an American indie rock band. They’ve been together since 2005 and since then haven’t really stopped, either recording or touring. They’ve released an album/EP pretty much every year and have played at every festival running it seems. Their latest album has been produced by Danger Mouse, the producer with … Continue reading Modern Jesus


You have probably heard of these guys before as they have been played on few radio stations in the last few months. They are a four piece from Manchester, described as alternative their songs can vary quite a bit. There are some with a real rock beat and strong lyrics and others with a soft indie vibe you could float away to. I really love … Continue reading Chocolate

The Woodpile

Another great Scottish guitar band, they are based in Glasgow but not sure if they are originally all from here. These guys have been around for a while now, their first album was released in 2006. They are already pretty known in America but this year might be the year they breakthrough here. Their new single, The Woodpile, has been taken up by Radio 1 … Continue reading The Woodpile