Pompeii & Explosions

There are a few songs this week that a really love, one of them I’ve actually been listening to for a couple of weeks. I’ve noticed there are a few songs around right now which have an operatic or choir sounds in the intro’s and background. Two that I love are Bastille and Ellie Gouldings’s new tracks.

Bastille you may or may not have heard of. They have been around for a while and Greg James on radio 1 plays them quite regularly. Their debute single, Flaws, was out last summer and I loved it. There new single, Pompeii, is brilliant and I decided to feature it today, although it’s not out till the 24th of this month. You’ll find a few EP’s available just now but their album isn’t out until the 4th March.

My second song is the new Ellie Goulding track, Explosions. This is quite simply brilliant. The lyrics and the feel of the track, I just love it. It’s available on her current album, Halcyon. I think the single itself was released last year quietly but has been re-released now and is currently in the charts.

Let me know what you think.

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