Modern Jesus

My new favourite summer track. It’s cool, clever and reeks of summer. Portugal. The Man are an American indie rock band. They’ve been together since 2005 and since then haven’t really stopped, either recording or touring. They’ve released an album/EP pretty much every year and have played at every festival running it seems.

Their latest album has been produced by Danger Mouse, the producer with the Midas touch it seems. You’ll need to wait till September to own it but you can find all the tracks on sound cloud. This collaboration is a perfect match and creates indie/pop tracks which you could easily hear on radio 1.

This is my favourite track from the album. It grabs you instantly with a catchy synth beat that makes you want to sing along, do do do. The lyrics present more than just a pop song, perfectly reflecting the feeling that the only person you can rely on is yourself,  one which i think is more and more prevalent now. It builds into wonderful indie pop chorus, conjuring images of crowds of people singing along at the summer festivals.

Let me know what you think , I love to hear if you agree or not with me.

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