Friend Like You

Birmingham seems to be the place to be for new music these days. There are great Indie bands popping up all over the place. I heard Swim Deep and few months ago and loved them instantly. There’s a few more B-Town bands appearing and my favourite just now is Jaws.

These youngsters are four friends from college. Initially they got together after lead singer, Conner Schofield, gained interest in his Soundcloud demos. Their first single, Toucan Surf, you may have heard as it got some radio 1 airplay. This is their new single just released last week and there’s an EP coming soon. Just now I’m listening to the guys on Soundcloud and have pre ordered said EP, Milkshake.

I love the dreamlike quality of their songs. The guitars shimmer through the synths giving an easy relaxed feel. The lead singers voice is in contrast to the backing music with its rocky tone but it works perfectly. Their song Donut shows this off and maybe my favourite.

As always let me know what you think I love to hear your views.

5 thoughts on “Friend Like You

  1. My boyfriend is a music photographer for his day job & he recently went & photographed these guys for an instore event, as soon as he came back he was like “you need to hear these guys!”… Soo good! Being from the Midlands myself, it’s nice to see lots of great emerging talent coming from here! 🙂

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