I don’t care what anyone says about guitar music, I love it just as much as I did in 1996, yup I’m that old. This track could slot into that Brit Pop scene quite easily. Though it is has that modern made in your basement sound to it.  Black Honey are one of those mysterious bands that no one really knew anything about. They didn’t … Continue reading Corrine

What’s Real

A late one I know, forgive me. I had such a rubbish Sunday where I accomplished entirely nothing. You ever get that complete apathy where anything which requires more brain power than staring at the TV is simply a no go? That was me yesterday. Followed by potentially the worse sleep ever. All in all setting me up for a fairly great monday, flash blogger … Continue reading What’s Real


It’s spring now right, so that means it’s nearly summer? Ok I know it’s still freezing so maybe I’m stretching, this little tune from San Cisco will put you right in the mood for summer though. In fact if you turn up the heating and close your eyes you could even pretend we’re already there.  Not only do this little Ozzy band have me dreaming … Continue reading Magic

2 Heads

This track put a big smile on my face when I heard it on Saturday. I was just in from washing my car and was frozen to the bone. I set Indie Shuffle to latest singles and this was the first track. It sounded immediately of summer instantly warming me up. Coleman Hell is the Toronto based producer behind the track. He’s part of The … Continue reading 2 Heads

I Like Not Knowing

You know I’m a total sucker for a band from my hometown, well these guys aren’t quite from Glasgow but Kilmarnock is pretty close. I heard a track from them last week and I’ve been listening to their abum. I Am and Island, all weekend. Your quintessential rock/indie four peice with two guiatrists, a bassest and a drummer. They create wonderful anthemnic tunes which are just begging to be … Continue reading I Like Not Knowing


Honeyblood are female duo from Glasgow, obviously I’m going to love them. The pair, Shona McVicar and Stina Tweedale, met through the close knit Glasgow music scene while both were in other bands. They decided life would be better without boys and Honeyblood was born. Their tracks are firmly rooted in the indie category with their first EP, Thift Shop, literally recorded on a 4 … Continue reading Bud