The Deepest Sighs, the Frankest Shadows

I came across Gangs of Youths at the weekend, an indie rock group from Australia. There’s more than a hint of old school U2, you know back when they were good, that’s probably what caught my attention but these guys have something special and thats what held it.
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Parekh and Singh tracks are like summer on a CD, people still know what CD’s are right? The duo are billed as Dreampop, a term I’ll admit I was not familiar with but which appears to embody the sunshine filled tracks we all love at this time of year. 
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In a world where new music is more accessible than ever its funny how the same bands and artists are played over and over on radio and TV. I’ve pretty much given up regular radio as a result. Being able to stream music from my phone through my car stereo was the final straw and now Spotify helpfully suggests new bands to me every week.  Continue reading “Wages”


Declan McKenna is another of those  incredibly talented and incredibly young singer songwriters that just make me  incredibly   jealous! This little track came to my attention via Breaking More Waves blog as he is named as one to watch for 2016. I have to agree as he’s had a pretty successful 2015, after winning the Glastonbury emerging talent contest and then being signed to Colombia Records. … Continue reading Paracetamol