Honeyblood are female duo from Glasgow, obviously I’m going to love them. The pair, Shona McVicar and Stina Tweedale, met through the close knit Glasgow music scene while both were in other bands. They decided life would be better without boys and Honeyblood was born.

Their tracks are firmly rooted in the indie category with their first EP, Thift Shop, literally recorded on a 4 track tape recorder in their bathroom. Not surprisingly is echoey and tinny but the songwriting comes through evoking a range of emotions from hopefulness to ferocious bitterness. Now signed up to Fat Cat records, they are recording their first album in Connecticut.

This is their first proper single, released last month. You can buy it here.There’s a real American sound to it with a hint of bands like The Breeders but it also reminds me if the Glasgow indie bands from the early 90’s. I’m also slightly in love with the b side, kissing on you.

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