Brother’s Boat

I’ve been meaning to feature Eliza and the Bear on New Music Monday for a while now, somehow they have been overlooked. At the weekend I heard their track Friends belting out of my TV as the soundtrack to a Sky Movies advert, so I thought it was about time. This is in fact the song which introduced me to the band withe that great hook which Sky has latched onto ‘I got friends, I got family here.’

This fivesome of mates from London are in fact all male, no Eliza in sight. There’s no bear either, the band name comes from a collection of poems, fancy eh. These guys create some fantastic joyful indie rock with more than a hint of The Flaming Lips. This track was re-releaed in March following on from a pretty successful year which included touring with Paramore and Imagine Dragons. From first listen you can see why it’s a firm favourite in their sets as it’s just begging to have a crowd singing along. Its your classic bittersweet indie track with lyrics contrasting with the uplifting melody.

I’ve discovered this morning that they’re playing King Tuts in October, can’t wait for that!

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