Parekh and Singh tracks are like summer on a CD, people still know what CD’s are right? The duo are billed as Dreampop, a term I’ll admit I was not familiar with but which appears to embody the sunshine filled tracks we all love at this time of year. 

From Kolkata in India their hometown town is infused is everything. From their bright suits tailored by a local business to the location for their first video. There isn’t a hint of India in their tracks though, no sitars or tablas in sight, there’s a more western indie sound to this pair. 

This track comes from their debut album, Ocean, released last October. The guys mighta missed a trick releasing it in autumn. With the layers of percussion letting you drift away as you listen; I’m sure a bit of sunshine would boost sales. Panda has been out for a few weeks but internet chatter suggests there’s a new video coming soon. Finger’s crossed it’s another Wes Anderson style feature just in time for summer.

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