In a world where new music is more accessible than ever its funny how the same bands and artists are played over and over on radio and TV. I’ve pretty much given up regular radio as a result. Being able to stream music from my phone through my car stereo was the final straw and now Spotify helpfully suggests new bands to me every week. 

I discovered Bad Sounds through a Hot New Bands playlist. These five guys from Bath have been around for a little while but seem to have made a bit of a splash at a few festivals this summer. This track is simply awesome. Its big and infectious and easy to tell why it went down a storm to a merry crowd in a sunny, more likely rainy, field over the summer.The brass intro catches you and the rest of the track doesn’t disappoint. As an ode to bad work days its a pretty perfect New Music Monday track too.

The guys are about to embark on two headline shows in London, I’ll need to try and catch them next time they’re north of the border.

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