The Deepest Sighs, the Frankest Shadows

I came across Gangs of Youths at the weekend, an indie rock group from Australia. There’s more than a hint of old school U2, you know back when they were good, that’s probably what caught my attention but these guys have something special and thats what held it.
This single was released back in August so it’s not exactly new but it’s new to me so let’s go with it. Put simply it’s a perfect example of the surging emotional rock ballad. Perhaps my favourite type of rock ballad, with lyrics that speak to you as the building track whips up your emotions. Its about being human and I’m sure there’s at least one line in there that everyone can relate to, with a bloody brilliant chorus to boot. It’s one to get up on someone’s shoulders for at a festival or cry your eyes out at the dramatic Grey’s Anatomy finale, little suggestion for the musical supervisor – not that they need it.

These guys have become my new obsession, I’ve been listening to the album all weekend, seriously go check it out now.

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