Let’s Go to the Beach Beach

Group Shot Slogan Tee On Flight Drinks Private Transfers Cocktails Dancing Shots 5am Hangover Bloody Mary Bikini Beach Champagne Disco Nap More Cocktails More Dancing  5am again Bloody Mary Sunbathing Shopping Peurto Banus Boats Vodka More dancing  More Vodka VIP Booth 7am Long lie Boardwalk Stroll Last minute sunbathing Packing Flight Sleep   Long weekend in Marbella flew by, was a blast and another one … Continue reading Let’s Go to the Beach Beach

You’ll Take the High Road

Posting is likely to be a little sporadic this week. We’re on a little holiday in the Scottish Highlands and network coverage is pretty much non existent. I think I like having a little break from the constant facebook, Twitter and Instagram updates though. We drove through the gorgeous Cairngorms national park on route to our little cabin and of course stopped to let furry … Continue reading You’ll Take the High Road