Took Something Perfect and Painted it Red

And that something red is me, well at least it was a couple days ago. I have been pretty dutiful in applying my sunscreen, my Scottish skin is not used to so much sun. One day last week it was cloudy though and I was a bit lazy about re applying, of course I got sunburned only on my front though. It was not a good look.

Thankfully I packed these funky harem pants my sis brought me back from Australia last month. I’m not sure how or where I would wear them at home but they are perfect for covering up and keeping cool over here. This top is a old favourite from Next , this is not the first occasion I’ve worn it to cover up a red chest. I have not had much chance for heels this holiday, the heat and running around with a four year old do not call for heels. They set off this outfit perfectly though.

I took these photos on the balcony of my bedroom. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have spent three weeks in this gorgeous sunshine with my family. I don’t want to come home.






Top – Next
Pants – SES
Heels – Primark
Sunglasses – Chanel

Red – Daniel Merriweather

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