Put Them in a Tree Museum

A couple of days ago we drove out to Tamborine Mountain’s Skywalk. The walk is half an elevated walkway and half through the upper forest to the creek. The elevated section is 30metres high and have superb views of the mountain. My camera does not do them justice. It is designed to showcase the environment without damaging or disturbing it. The section through the forest is shaded and gives a close up of the fascinating flora and fauna within. The creek was almost non existent given the temperature, the day we went it was 43degrees.

What did I wear for this amazing trek through the Australian rainforest, shorts and vest of course. These shorts are gorgeous but super light and therefore perfect for the soaring temperatures. Likewise the extreme drop arm holes on this vest keep you cool, I did have a bikini on but thought best to keep myself covered given how hot it was.





Shorts – Primark
Top – ASOS
Sandals – Primark
Bag – Forever 21
Sunnies – H&M

Big Yellow Taxi – Amy Grant

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