Hot Summer Days, Rock n Roll

Yesterday I took a trip down to the Valley in the city centre. This is the hub of all things cool and hip in Brisbane. I spent a good few hours trawling through the mix of designer boutiques and vintage stores. I could have spent a small fortune in the boutiques. Fallow was a favourite hidden on the first floor of what looks like an office block and has a distinct air of All Saints and a price rage to match, well worth climbing the stairs for a look. Akira was also amazing filled with light oversized printed silk creations. They were gorgeous but even with 50% sale they were still far out of my price range. I did fall in love in some beautiful little play suits in Dragonberry but unfortunately I have the same problem in Australia as I do in the UK, my body is too long and camel toe kinda takes away from the prettiness.

The valley is the kinda place I could see myself hanging out if I lived in Brisbane. I stopped for lunch at Flamingo Cafe, a quirky little cafe with a handwritten menu that changes everyday. The food was delicious and there was a genuine interest and friendliness from the staff you just don’t get in big chains. I’m really enjoying exploring what I want to see in the city and at my own pace, it’s quite different from every holiday I’ve been on where family, friends or boyfriends have their own ideas of what they want to do.

Being on my own I have no one to take pictures so I took these outfit shots when I got back to the house, only once I’d played hop scotch and drew some chalk drawing as I promised my niece ( you can see them in some of the photos). This top I picked up the other day in SES a Australian store. I’ve been lusting after one like this for a while, you may have seen my multiple lace/crochet top pins, at only $10 in the sale I snapped it up.

Street Art in Winn St, it’s part of a series I don’t know where the rest of the story is
Flamingo Cafe Menu



Photo bombed by a 4yrs old dancing


Vest – SES
Skirt – H&M
Flip flops – Billabong

Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Rey

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