You’ll Take the High Road

Posting is likely to be a little sporadic this week. We’re on a little holiday in the Scottish Highlands and network coverage is pretty much non existent. I think I like having a little break from the constant facebook, Twitter and Instagram updates though.

We drove through the gorgeous Cairngorms national park on route to our little cabin and of course stopped to let furry one have a run around. As a result we arrived a little later than
planned and surrounded by darkness and fog, not good.

Thankfully our landlady had the fire and hot tub on so the cabin was lovely and toasty. Obviously we cracked open the wine and hopped in the hot tub instantly. Seb had fun exploring his new surroundings.

Today has been all about taking it easy. Cosy socks, hot drinks, long walks and snuggles. Perfect.





Loch Lomond

14 thoughts on “You’ll Take the High Road

  1. Oh wow this looks absolutely stunning, so nice you could jump straight in the hot tub too this sounds like bliss. Cute little slipper booties too I picked some of these up and can’t get myself out of them hahah xxx

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