What a Beautiful Wedding


How do you guarantee no one else will be wearing your outfit at a wedding? Make it yourself of course. I’m really chuffed with how this skirt turned out exactly what I was aiming for. One tip though don’t wait till the week of the wedding to finish the outfit off like I did. 

Que ordering almost every black crop top on ASOS and trekking round every shop in town which sells fascinators before stocking up on supplies from Remant Kings. Which reminds me, I’ve still to drop the rejected tops off at the post office. May just slip this months credit card bill directly into the shredder. 

One thing I’m massively disappointed about is these photos. Of course I took my DSLR to my brothers wedding and of course I made sure to charge the battery the night before. What I didn’t do was check I turned it off before putting it in the camera bag at 10am. So yeah battery was dead by the time these photos were taken. Iphone to the rescue. 







Top – ASOS

Skirt – DIY

Shoes – ASOS

Clutch – Collette (Australia) 

Fascinator – DIY

Ring – Gift


 I Write Sins not Tragedies – Panic! At the Disco

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