Fun and Sunshine, There’s Enough for Everyone

Doesn’t the sun just make you want to spend time with those close to you and do simple things like BBQ’s. It just makes it impossible not to smile I think.

It is getting tougher to get dressed everyday though. I have so many summer clothes, despite living in Scotland, and want to wear everything before the rain returns. These cute little shorts are Primark’s finest, never can resist a bargain. The top is actually dress, well probably a nightie. I picked it up from a little vintage/homemade shopping event I was at during the week. I just love the colour and style and couldn’t wait to wear it. These wedges are perhaps my favourite summer shoes ever!






Maybe the sun got to his head, but after 5years of trying to convince him I managed to get the man to buy a BBQ! I apologise in advance if it now rains all summer. Fingers crossed the sun keeps up and I may have a (very) late housewarming next weekend. We obviously tried it out right away.


Shorts – Primark
Dress (worn as top) – Annie and the Mannequins
Wedges – ASOS
Sunglasses – Primark

Club Tropicana – Wham

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