On the Cover of a Magazine

This months cover features the ever wonderful Helena Bonham Carter and a gorgeous Ralph Lauren gown. It’s smashing my favourite trend this season, monochrome. We don’t all want a neckline so plunging that your bra cups are showing or even a a few thousand pounds spare for an evening dress. It is amazing nonetheless.


I found a couple of alternatives, my favourite being this one from Lipsy. It’s full length which can be an issue for me with my height, but I love the slinky body and ruffle shoulder. Very similar to the original and at £58 a snip of the price.

The second I’m not so keen on, it’s not really my style. It’s shorter though like the original and I know not everyone likes a maxi, although I don’t know why! It has fringing rather than ruffles at the shoulder. This is from boohoo and is only £15.


Happy Friday everyone and hello to my new followers, there’s a few of you. Today I am, fingers crossed, having my new car delivered. This sun better keep up so I can take a little trip to the beach with my man and my boy tomorrow.

Vogue – Madonna

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