Hand Bags and the Gladrags


Buying vintage can be tough. Finding that perfect piece can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Once you find it there no guarantee it’ll fit even if it is your size as they can vary depending on the decade and style. This skirt was a pretty special find by my big sis at the awesome Glad Rags Thrift
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Three Years ain’t Picked a Career


I realised this week I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and it made me wonder why I do this? Three years has flown by and I still don’t really know what am doing. I’ve achieved less than I thought I would, far less than a lot of blogs I follow. Blogging takes up a lot of time and yet I still struggle to post regularly. I have no idea about SEO, coding or even how to work my DSLR properly. Even simple things like outfit posts often lead to frustration due to weather, Seb misbehaving, otherwise known as being a dog, or fights with my photographer/sister because you know, sisters.
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I’ve Looked at Life that Way

Recently I’ve heard a lot of negative chat about bloggers from other bloggers. The main bones of contention being that the blogs show perfect lives rather than real lives and outfit posts having ‘staged’ outfits. Harsh indeed, where is the love people? I hope no one feels this way about my little corner of the internet. I’ll readily accept that my blog does show the … Continue reading I’ve Looked at Life that Way

Should I Stay or Should I Go

You know there’s all those fashion rules; legs or cleavage, don’t wear white after labour day, don’t mix patterns. It seems we’re all breaking them these days so I thought I would too. I’m in love with this little skort from Primark. I’ve recently discovered it has a matching jacket but who wants matching when you have this wonderful vintage tartan scarf to clash with … Continue reading Should I Stay or Should I Go

From that Thrift Shop Down the Road

I’ve mentioned before how I love a little bit of vintage. I’ve always liked having things that are one of a kind or limited edition and vintage is exactly that. With that in mind I was pretty excited when a little email dropped in my inbox inviting me to join in with the Beyond Retro blogger competition. Beyond Retro have an amazing selection of Kimonos, … Continue reading From that Thrift Shop Down the Road