Life Gets Busy


Busy indeed, hence the lack of posts the last couple of weeks. I’ve been busy with work and all sorts of fun things and not had a chance to get posts prepared. For the first time I think I have a bundle of outfit photos just waiting to be edited and posts typed.
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This is What You Came For


Monday was a sneaky local holiday here in Glasgow. With the sky looking a tad grey though we searched out the sun all the way to the east coast. North Berwick was a new beach for me and Seb and it didn’t disappoint. Sun is what we came for and sun we got, I even got a little sunburned. 
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Sunday’s Getting More Bleak

Our first trip to the Vatican was a massive fail. Not only did we miss the Pope’s blessing, we do like a lie in. But Sunday is not the day to visit the centre of the Catholic Church, everything is closed. Not really surprising. Just as well really as my outfit was not Vatican appropriate either, no uncovered shoulders or shorts people.  We had time … Continue reading Sunday’s Getting More Bleak

Holiday Wish List

Snake Print Shorts – Cactus Print Bralet – Aztec Print Playsuit – Yellow Paisley Print Shorts – Pink Dipped Length Skirt – Embroidered Cotton Cami – Crochet Vest – Wedges  Finally we have our summer holiday booked, just over two weeks and we’ll be off on our Italian adventure. That means there’s one main thing on my mind; what am I going to wear? There’s … Continue reading Holiday Wish List

You’re from the 70’s but I’m a 90’s bitch

What an exciting week it’s been for my little blog. I’ve had more views than ever and my bloglovin followers have really grown! I hope all you new people are enjoying reading my ramblings, if you are let me, or even if your not, I get so excited when my phone pings with a new notification. I’ve also got two exciting new projects coming up. … Continue reading You’re from the 70’s but I’m a 90’s bitch

Fun and Sunshine, There’s Enough for Everyone

Doesn’t the sun just make you want to spend time with those close to you and do simple things like BBQ’s. It just makes it impossible not to smile I think. It is getting tougher to get dressed everyday though. I have so many summer clothes, despite living in Scotland, and want to wear everything before the rain returns. These cute little shorts are Primark’s … Continue reading Fun and Sunshine, There’s Enough for Everyone